The 3 Secret Stages of the Code Learning Journey

By Esty Yehuda | October 02,2017

Coding is a must-have skill for the future. Coding skills are in high-demand and nearly half (49%) of all jobs that pay more than $58,000 in the US require some coding skills, according to a US report from Burning Glass. The reports found that there were as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 in occupations that required coding skills. They also found that programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.

So, learning code is important but in today’s current learning institutions it is still considered extremely difficult.

All beginning learners of code, whether in college or other training programs, go through a similar code ‘journey’ and since code learning isn’t going anywhere, solutions must be found to make the journey easier and increase the ratio of graduates.


Let’s walk through the journey together to better understand the process.


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The Honeymoon Stage:

This is the first stage in your journey and usually the shortest phase. You’re getting your feet wet, learning basic skills and taking a programming language course.

In the beginning, the pace seems perfectly fine, there’s lots of direction. You are ready to learn, and given all the tools, it seems like you’re doing great. You’re not really thinking twice about what happens if you need to do it alone.

Before you start you will probably need to set up your development environment. This can be very challenging in some cases but if you can overcome this, then you are on the right track.

Problems may arise and you start to think if only you could launch a ready-to-use environment you could get going already!


You Hit a Rock Stage:

The second stage in your journey, which looks never-ending, will end eventually we promise.

You got the first challenging program and you are not sure how to start, you need some guidance but the Teaching Assistant’s (TA) open hours are as far as two days from now. You are lost, trying to Google, YouTube and even asking Stackoverflow forums. Yet, you’re still in the dark.

It starts to sink in that you are alone. You’re constantly debugging, and not sure what to ask or how to fix things. You’re taking one direction and you realize it’s not the right way, so you end up going in circles.

Getting “On Demand” assistants when you need it could be very helpful right now. You are progressing a bit with the solution, yet again you are stuck, getting contextually aware answers on your code could really save you right now. You are emailing your TA but somehow know that he is already overloaded and might not reach you in time.

You’re still motivated and you’re spending a lot of time figuring it out on your own. Is that it? Will you get there or you are doomed?

You know that you could save precious time and be less frustrated if you only had the right kind of help.

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You Think you Know it All Stage:

The final stage in your code learning journey is really the beginning of the rest of your developer life. You’re ready to move on to new challenges and studies.

You’re becoming a more knowledgeable coder, and asking questions is easier for you, you might even be able to help other students. Still, you’re not sure about your code efficiency and you understand that there’s still more you need to learn.

Although you are trying to depend on yourself as much as possible, code review sessions are very important in this stage for improving your quality of work.

If you could ask your TA or Instructor for a code review you would be confident that you are on the right track for becoming the developer you should be.


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Stay tuned for the part two of this blog where we discuss the solutions to the journey stages.


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